Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Home safe and well, but up to our eyes!

Hi everyone!

We're really sorry we havent updated the blog for such a long time, but its been an extremely busy time for us since getting home from Philadelphia and we've just kept putting it off.  We literally cant seem to find any free time these days with Oscar being in and out of hospital several times a week for blood tests/platelet transfusions etc, and trying to keep on top of all the normal daily stuff.  Hopefully most of you are able to keep up to date with Oscar via his twitter feed @Wee_Oscar as we normally give a quick update every day or two & attach a photo.  You dont need a twitter account to view posts just click here.  This is just a very brief update because i know Leona wants to sit down and write a proper update of everything thats gone on since the last post.

In summary, we managed to get Oscar home from Philadelphia by air ambulance but he spent about a month in hospital after we returned as his heart was under a lot of stress and he was (and still is) on oxygen 24/7 to help dilate his blood vessels.  He is steadily improving all the time and his heart is improving.  We've got him home now and he and Isobella are having a great time playing & fighting with each other- a good healthy relationship!!! :-)  He has to run around with a big oxygen hose trailing behind him but in typical Oscar fashion he acts like its totally normal.  It doesnt bother him at all.

Oscar's hair is also growing back really well now which he is really excited about.  He wants to spike it up like Tree Fu Tom!  The kids are really looking forward to Christmas, and so are we.  We honestly thought that last Christmas would be Oscar's last, but he's still here and we are very grateful for that.  Many kids with neuroblastoma dont make it this far.  We are waiting for Oscar's heart to improve a bit more before we start persuing further treatment options.  But the important thing is that immunotherapy is still a possibility.  We will continue to fundraise to ensure Oscar can get the best possible treatment when he needs it.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this difficult time and who continue to fundraise for Oscar.  We love you all!!!