Monday, 2 September 2013

Relapse Treatment Begins...

I spent ages writing a full diary of exactly what is going on right now, but you know what, it was just too depressing so I deleted it all. 

The good news is that little Izzie started playgroup today, she was beaming from ear to ear, singing and shouting "mummy I'm SO excited!" on our way down.  And although we are totally devastated that Oscar's little P1 desk remains empty right now, we were still delighted to see him walk (with help) round to his little classroom on haematology ward last Thursday.  Very proud parents on both fronts.

As far as treatment goes, Oscar is enduring TVD chemo as the first line of attack on his relapsed neuroblastoma.  This is an extremely tough combination of 3 different chemo drugs, and so Oscar is suffering extremely tough side effects.  Most of our time will be spent in hospital.  We don't even know if the treatment is working yet, we are searching for positive signs every day.  He is still suffering symptoms of his disease such as extreme pain, and his morphine requirements are increasing every few days.  His hair has already started to fall out, which is upsetting him.  We had it cut short last week to try to make this phase less traumatic.

Things are very tough and Oscar is suffering quite a lot right now, however in true #TeamOscar style we are doing our best to gather all our strength to follow our little boys lead.  Oscar - be brave little soldier and surprise us once more. 

Thanks for all your lovely messages and offers of help, even if we can't always reply or our thoughts are elsewhere, none go unnoticed xxx