Tuesday, 10 January 2012

PLEASE give blood and platelets

Day 39: Oscar was in hospital this morning to get a platelet transfusion, he gets one every 3-4 days.  Platelets help your blood to clot, without platelets you could bleed to death.  http://www.nibts.org/platelets.html
Normally, your platelet levels should range between 150-400, but Oscar's have been as low as 7!!!  Kids on chemotherapy need regular blood and platelet transfusions to keep them alive, and unfortunately there is a SEVERE shortage of platelets in NI.  They have had to be flown in from Scotland and other places, as we just don't have enough donors here.  We can see the date the donor gave their platelets printed on the bag, and each time we think "thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing this, without you taking time to make this donation Oscar would be a lot worse off".

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give 1 hour of your time to make a donation of either blood or platelets in order to help save a child's life.