Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Oscar is a little superstar!

Oscar was quite poorly when I wrote the last post, and things continued to be very tough for him on Saturday.  He couldn't really tolerate the oral morphine on his little stomach, and so he moved to IV paracetamol.  This worked really well for him, along with several other medications, and on Sunday he turned the corner!  Granny Susie stayed with him for a few hours to let his Daddy home for us to spend some time with Izzie, she gets so neglected when Oscar isn't well!  This is the moment, on Sunday morning, when it was obvious things had massively improved and fun little Oscar was back again...

What a HUGE relief this is, both to see him in much better spirits, but also to see him beat this infection.  Infections pose the biggest risk to kids on chemo, sometimes they just can't overcome them, so we breathe a huge sigh of relief to see Oscar battle his way through another one.  Such a tired old cliche, but he is a such a strong little boy, such a fighter, the harder he fights his way through each step the more hope we have for a positive outcome to all this treatment.

He is still receiving TPN nutrition (straight into his bloodstream), so the big aim now is to get his stomach working properly again, and Oscar tolerating food.  As we increase the volume of his tube feed we can reduce the TPN volume he is receiving.  He can't go home on TPN, so we must get this to zero and tube feed to 50mls/hr for us to get discharged.  C'mon Oscar, lets do it in time for the weekend, you little superstar! xxx


  1. Good to hear Oscar is beating infection, so great to see him smiling - each step brings him closer to recovery. Sending you all lots of love and positive vibes!! Sarah & Aidan x

  2. Hi guys, just getting caught up on the blog. Astounded as ever by the bravery and courage you've all got. Thinking about you often Xxxxx The French McCrorys x x

  3. He's a great fighter! You all are. Love Nick and Elaine

  4. So glad to hear he is improving again! At least you can look forward to getting him home again, and getting on with his treatment!
    If there is anything you need - just let me know as I ma just down the road.
    Thinking about you, Alison xxx