Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Great end to a bad week!

It has been a very difficult and sleep deprived week since Oscar was admitted last Tuesday, but today (Monday) he had a crucial CT scan to see how the tumours have responded to the first stage of treatment- Induction Chemotherapy.  Oscar did have an ultrasound mid way through this phase which indicated good progress, but the CT scan at the end is the big one! It was a nervous wait for the 'provisional' results (official radiographers report due tomorrow) but when they came it was a great relief.  Oscars Consultant reviewed the images with the radiographer and reported that all of his lymph nodes look clear, and the large tumour in his liver (previously the size of an apple) is now very small!!!! This is obviously brilliant news, but it is difficult to get over excited as there is still a long way to go.

Oscar is still having high temperatures tonight, but they are less frequent and he seemed a bit brighter today, plus his white cell count is up a little, so we are hopeful the antibiotics are finally having some effect.  We'll have a better idea tomorrow.  If there is no improvement they will probably have to surgically remove his central line (used to administer drugs and fluids) as they suspect the infection could be in the line itself.  He is fasting from midnight incase he needs to go to theatre tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.  Again!


  1. Great News! Thoughts & Prayers From Glasgow!

    Big Mick!

  2. Great news, fingers crossed the news keeps getting better :)

    Stephen G

  3. Some good news! I'm sure its such a relief. Hopefully there'll be lots more to come

  4. Great News....keep fighting wee Oscar.
    Martina x

  5. Hi, Thats great news! Hope it starts to get better from here.

    Charlene x