Sunday, 19 February 2012

Things getting worse instead of better!

Poor Oscar has had a terrible few days, his temperatures are getting progressively worse, hitting 39.7 degrees last night!  This is despite the fact he is now on strong antibiotic number 7 (or perhaps 8 - we have lost count!)  He is thoroughly miserable, crying and whimpering even while he is sleeping.  It is absolutely heartbreaking to watch.
You can see the old scar from Oscar's bone biopsy which finally led to his diagnosis in November
He is hooked up to so many machines, with alarms going off continuously due to his high heart rate.  He is getting pumped full of magnesium, potassium, sodium, and all those antibiotics.  Very frightening to think that so many things are being thrown at this infection, but it still has a huge hold over Oscar, and is in control at the moment.  We are wishing with all our hearts that each day he turns the corner and starts winning this battle, perhaps tomorrow is that day!
Oscar is currently connected to 5 different machines to monitor his condition or administer medication
Yesterday Oscar had a heart scan, to see if this infection has taken hold in his heart or one of the valves, but nothing could be identified.  This morning, the doctor suggested doing a CT scan of his abdomen to look for areas of infection, but we aren't keen for him to have too many CT scans - he is due to have his full body assessment CT scan tomorrow, and we want it all to be done at once rather than put him through 2 (due to the risks involved).  He is too unwell to have anaesthetic for this as planned, so it has been suggested he might lie still without anything...?  We really can't wait for Oscar's own consultant to return from holidays tomorrow, so that he can take ownership of this whole situation and devise a plan.

Off to bed now, it will be another very long week, and neither of us are getting much sleep!  Thanks again for all the support and well-wishes we are receiving, we really appreciate it all.  We will let you all know of any major developments over the next few days on Twitter @Wee_Oscar.


  1. Oscar is a very brave wee man and a true fighter. Leonna, Oscar is in our thoughts and prayers everyday. Take Care Martina

  2. This is so heartbreaking to read tonight and just looking at Oscar in the picture there are tears. My heart, thoughts, love and prayers are with Oscar.
    Hoping with all the hope in the world that Oscar will have better days ahead and get to his next step in treatment.
    Nicky xxx

  3. Hi we just wanted to let you all know you are in our thoughts and prayers, you really do have one of the bravest wee boys in the world! He's a definite inspiration. Our fingers toes are crossed in hope of some good news soon love Angela ( Barry sister) John And girls x

  4. Stephen & Leona,
    We are thinking of you. We have been reading your Blog and can't imagine what you are going. Oscar seems to strong willed little boy and we hope that he starts to show signs of improvement soon. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.
    Oliver & Brenda Donnelly