Sunday, 17 June 2012


Immunotherapy offers the first substantial cure rate for Neuroblastoma in many years.  Evidence has shown that children receiving immunotherapy have a greatly reduced chance of relapse and therefore a much better chance of long term survival.  It is absolutely essential that we get this for our amazing little boy!

At this moment in time, there are no options available to Oscar to receive immunotherapy drugs in the UK, however, they are more widely available abroad.  He was due to get this crucial final phase of treatment on the European clinical trial he was on, but he had to be withdrawn from the trial to have essential MIBG therapy in London recently.

Immunotherapy drugs are only available within clinical trials here.  Further clinical trials involving immunotherapy may open in the future, which Oscar may or may not meet the entrance criteria for, but we cannot afford to sit around waiting to see if this is the case.  Time that Oscar simply may not have.

We have ALWAYS put Oscar and the quest to get him the best possible treatment first.  This is why we have taken the decision to launch an 'Oscar Knox Appeal' to fund treatment abroad.  Although we know that this is a huge undertaking, we believe it is essential.  We have to know as parents that we gave him the best possible chance.  We can't lose our wee Oscar.

We will let everyone know more once we have our plans in place.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Stephen and Leona


  1. Will get the ball rolling this week and start fundraising!
    Thoughts and prayers with you guys.
    Big hugs Oscar x

    Nicky x

  2. Such sad news but I know everyone will want to help your amazing family. The money will be raised without a doubt!
    Love to you all,
    Denise, James & Ruby xx

  3. we'll help in wotever way we can, let us know wot we can do.
    Lara, Fra & the kids x

  4. Whatever I can do mate, say the word.

  5. We all want the best possible chance for Oscar. You have all our love & support. We will get together to come up with a fund raising plan & get ball rolling asap!! I have no doubt we will meet target.Sarah & Aidan XX

  6. I'm sure the Celtic family amongst many others will gather round in support, please keep the faith, we're all there for you in thoughts, prayers and action.

  7. I’m a long time lurker on CQN and that’s how I found out about your darling wee boy. I know without a shadow of a doubt that both of you, your little girl and your wee star of a boy will never walk alone. I hope you set up a Justgiving page for Oscar so that he can get the treatment he so deserves. You are a truly inspirational family and I cannot begin to imagine what it is like to walk a mile in your shoes for one day. You bring humility and perspective into my life every time I read wee Oscar’s blog. Time to get out the purses, wallets and prayers from every walk of life for your amazing boy. Oscar sending huge hugs and kisses to you xxxx from Glasgow,Scotland

  8. Will help all i can. my family and i currently raise for nich but agreed that we would help oscar as soon as he needed it. i dont doubt you will reach the targets you need. god bless you all.

  9. I live in the United States, and if the immunotherapy drugs are here, then Oscar needs to get here. He is the most precious little boy, the sweetest most inspiring little guy ever. If a fund like justgiving is set up up, and fundraisers happen, he will get the funds he needs, he deserves this.

  10. Just let us know your plans - we are ready with our wallets