Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Oscar Knox Appeal Launches

Hi everyone, I've had a bit of a break from blog posts, but all fired up and ready to go again!  You know from our last post and tweets that we have finally made the decision to fundraise to ensure Oscar will definitely have access to whatever treatment he needs now or in the future.  I hope everyone knows we did not take this decision lightly, but we truly believe it is something we need to do.  Some aspects of neuroblastoma treatment in the UK are behind what is available in the USA and Germany - we just can't take the risk he may need something urgently that we can't access in time for him down to cost.  It would be like living on a ticking time bomb, always waiting for the worst to happen.  Which I suppose isn't too far from the reality for us right now anyway!  But at least we can do something about this one, and boy do we intend to...

Today we launch the offical Oscar Knox Appeal.  This is our campaign to raise money for Oscar's crucial immunotherapy treatment which should only be 2-3 months down the line.  It is currently not available in the UK for us, but along with other neuroblastoma parents we are desperately hoping this situation may change in time for our kids.  If it doesn't, we will need to move rapidly to seek and pay for treatment for him in either the USA or Germany, as of yet we haven't been able to figure out the most appropriate treatment facility.  If Oscar gets this treatment in time here, then any funds raised in his name will be held for him incase he ever needs further treatment outside the UK.  Even if Oscar manages to get into remission with his current treatment, there is a VERY high risk of relapse with neuroblastoma, which almost always requires urgent treatment abroad.

Please visit the official Oscar Knox Appeal page.

The JustGiving page can be accessed directly here.

A massive thank you to Neuroblastoma Alliance UK - they do incredible work on behalf of neuroblastoma kids and their families.  They have guided us and helped us every step of the way over the weekend with launching our appeal, and we look forward to running a highly successful campaign with them for our wee Oscar.


  1. Donated - I wish I could give you more, keep fighting wee man - you will do this!

  2. I retweeted and donated. If anybody reads Oscar's story, they will want to help. He's the most precious sweetest little boy, fighting such a fight and with such a good spirit. He's just adorable. He deserves this. He has the support and prayers from Florida.

  3. Hey, I am a stranger, I stumbled upon this blog by accident and I cried so much when I read your story.I am living in Ireland but my nephew in America is 18 months old and also fighting high risk neuroblastoma cancer. He was diagnosed in October. My heart goes out to your family and your beautiful little boy. Wishing you all the very best for the future. My nephews blog is if you would like to read about the treatment he has gotten in America.
    Love to you all,


  4. just donated today. Wish there was a lot more I could do to help. Thinking of you all x