Monday, 30 July 2012

Izzie's 2nd Birthday!

Enjoying our only time together in months!
In other big news over the weekend - myself and Stephen escaped hospital on Friday to attend a good friend's wedding!  What a beautiful day and beautiful bride.  We had a fantastic time letting our hair down, and look forward to spending even more happy times with our friends in the future!  We also noticed the bridal party men all wearing #TeamOscar wristbands, and details of his appeal on the handmade chocolates and truffles after dinner.  Thanks to "the Docs" - we wish you only happy times in your future together!

We had sore heads on Saturday morning, but no time to rest.  Stephen headed off to the Cliftonville v Celtic friendly at Solitude to take part in the Oscar Knox Appeal collection.  This raised another £800, thanks to the generous donations of football fans there!  I had to organise a last minute birthday party for our precious little Izzie, who turned 2 on Saturday. 

Izzie LOVES her birthday card that Oscar made her
We found out on Friday that she would be allowed in for a small party with Oscar, even though he is still in isolation, so that was a huge deal for us all.  They haven't seen each other in 4 weeks, and are both regularly crying to see each other, so we were thrilled that they could spend some time together.

I want to feed the baby!!!
We had celebrated Izzie's birthday before Oscar went into hospital to begin this high dose chemo phase, as no one knew how ill he may be by now, or indeed what the outcome of this treatment might be as it is so tough.  However our little hero is well on the way to recovery, bouncing back as usual and defying expectations.  He was a little overwhelmed to see Izzie, quite a lot of tears flowed, but they kissed and hugged and managed to play together for a bit.  They even managed to have a little row over toys - just how things should be! 

Oscar gave Izzie a new "pink baby" (her favourite) and a little engraved necklace, while Izzie gave Oscar a small Thomas the Tank Engine megablocks set.  There were balloons, and bubbles, and a Peppa Pig cake.  We ended the day by lying both kids down on pillows, putting on Cbeebies, and having tea and cake ourselves.  Perfect.

Birthday kisses


  1. what a beautiful moment for Izzie on her birthday, Oscar, and his family. They are so sweet together, there is so much love in this family. Many positive thoughts and prayers from Florida.

  2. Tracey (Rhys's mummy)1 August 2012 at 09:36

    Awe that was lovely to read and they both look so cute in the pics xx