Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oscar on the mend

In the last post, I talked about how Oscar was quite unwell, was being sick and had REALLLLY bad diarrhoea!!!  He hadnt really eaten in days and we were becoming quite concerned.  Well, next morning he was in much better form and was looking for breakfast.  He had a bowl of rice crispies, then got dressed to go out in his brand new Scooby-Doo outfit!

 By the time we got ourselves sorted out it was nearly lunch time.  So we headed to the pub!!! (you know when he's out with his da!).  He quickly found himself a nice seat at the bar and ordered himself some juice.

He got a plate of sausages egg, beans & chips, and stole daddys side of coleslaw when it arrived.  He done really well, eating more than I expected given he had been ill for so long.

We then went for a big walk around Regents Park where he done lots of running around.

On our way back from the park he was asking for McDonalds so he got a large chip which he polished off with the help of some barbeque sauce!  Then a bit later he wanted a cheeseburger happy meal so he got one of those (healthy eating goes out the window here, its all about packing in calories to try and stop his weight loss).

Next morning (Saturday) he had two bowls of cereal before meeting up with both mummy and daddy for brunch in a nearby cafe.  Big thanks to aunty Martina who was down visiting from Manchester- she was looking after Izzie back at the house.  He done quite well on Saturday but today, Sunday, he upped his game.  He got up and had a bowl of rice crispies before heading out with daddy for something more substantial.  We found a nice place not far away and at first he said he didnt really want anything, so I just ordered myself a full english breakfast with toast.  As soon as my plate appeared his eyes lit up.  He had some bacon, some sausage, all my mushrooms, and was looking for the eggs so I asked him did he want his own plate.  "YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!"  So we ordered a secong full english for him....

We must have been there for well over an hour, both of us eating like food was in short supply.  He even ate a load of toast which had plenty of butter on it and he was dipping it in the jam.  At one point he was putting jam on his slices of sausage and eating them.  Sure, why not!?  Once we had finished, in true Oscar style he had to get saying bye to everyone.  He went on a tour of the restaurant, thanking the staff and high fiving other diners, shouting "BYEEEE" all over the place.  He is some craic!!!

Overall he is doing really well this last few days and seems really happy.  Its great to see his wee smile, and hear his cheeky laugh again.  He has been on Skype to his aunties & uncles, grannies & grandas at home and is really enjoying himself.  Away from the Hospital Isobella is having a great time too, but wasnt quite herself troday.  We thought she was coming down with something but she seems ok tonight.  Good old Nurofen!  Maybe she'll get a wee trip to Hamleys again tomorrow- she absolutely LOVES it there!


We are saddened to hear about the beautiful little Niamh Curry who lost her battle with Neuroblastoma last night. I had become friendly with Niamh's dad Chris on Twitter, and we texted each other from time to time about our kids' progress.  Niamh was just recently in the same ward that Oscar is in, having the same MIBG therapy, which makes it a little bit scarier.  

You can read her story at

RIP Niamh Curry xxx


  1. THoughts and prayers to Niamhs family. Jude 2005

  2. Hiknoxy2000

    Good to hear Oscar got his Big Mac and he's feeling a bit better!!

  3. Oscar is incredible and a true inspiration to everyone who reads this. Thoughts go out to the parents of Niamh, what a beautiful little girl:)xx