Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sun is shining, Oscar is sweet!

So much has happened since the last post, so excuse me while I ramble on a bit...

Oscars radiation levels EVENTUALLY dropped low enough that he could leave hospital on Monday and come stay with us at Paul's House.  This meant seeing his little sister Izzie again!!!!  They are really close and he was missing her so much so this was a really big deal.  Mummy left hospital with Oscar, and I left the house with Izzie so we could meet half way.  Once we were in sight of each other i let Izzie out of her buggy, and Leona did the same with Oscar.  They screamed each others names & ran at each other as fast as they could with arms out for a big hug!  It was like something out of a movie, very touching to see!!! :-)  Once they had said their hellos we went to the nearby 'Oscars' Bar & Restaurant (as pictured in previous blog post) for lunch and everyone had a great time.

Kisses for the camera!

Oscar has been eating really well again this week, which is great to see.  We were getting concerned with him losing weight but he has been eating McDonalds happy meals for lunch and dinner all week so there's no danger of him losing any more.

Nom nom nom!

The kids only had Monday and Tuesday together as Oscar was due his second dose of radioactive MIBG on Wednesday, so we did lots of fun stuff together.  On Monday night we went to nearby Prezzo for pizza- Oscar and Daddy's favourite!!!...

Pizza & Perroni.  Hard to beat!

Chilling in bed next morning, watching CBeebies

We then got them both packed up and into the buggy to take Oscar to Hamleys.  Izzie has been there 3 or 4 times so far and has a mental time running around playing with all the dollys, shouting WOWWW at everything and getting free sparkly tattoos, so she was very keen to show him around...

He was so excited when he seen the vast quantity of toys he nearly had a panic attack!!!  The two of them were just running around pulling things off shelves faster than we could put them back and generally making a big mess.  Sorry about that Hamleys!  Definitely not going back though.  Ever.  Its just too mental and trying to keep two young kids under control in there is impossible.

Then, on Wednesday, it was back into hospital for MIBG radiation therapy round 2.  The odd looking nuclear medicine team arrived again in their long white coats and latex gloves, wheeling their chemistry apparatus through the door.  This is the guy taking charge of the infusion which injects radioactive Iodine I-131 directly into Oscars bloodstream.

Once the stuff was administered everyone basically had to run out the door as the radiation levels coming off him are so high.  It is a very weird experience!  Here is your little boy who you just want to give a big hug to, but the radiation is flying out of him and you have to keep out of the room as much as possible.  We can only really go in to help him go to the toilet or to put a DVD on to try and keep him occupied for a while- and even then its in and out as fast as you can to keep your exposure to a minimum.  He has been such a little warrior through this whole experience, it is just impossible to put it into words.  Well done Oscar you little legend!!!!

In much more exciting news, me and Izzie spent Saturday hanging out in Covent Garden.  We had a great time wandering around in the sun, sitting down for lunch, and watching stupid street entertainers do stupid stuff for money.  Those people really need to talk less and perform more!!!

Then, later on, we had the pleasure of meeting up with Celtic midfielder Joe Ledley who was in London for the weekend.  Much to my surprise, he very kindly took me up on my 'tweeted' offer to buy him a pint- even though he paid for the drinks in the end!  Cheers Joe, and keep banging them goals in!! ;-)

Oscar's radiation levels will hopefully be low enough to allow him to travel home on Tuesday or Wednesday this week, but he wont be allowed near children or pregnant women for a while so he cant travel with Izzie.  Fortunately uncle Barry is over with us this weekend so he is going to take her home tomorrow.  She will live with her Granny Knox for a while until its safe for her to return home.  Dont tell Granny but that might not be for a week or so!

In summary, all is going very well over in London.  Much better than we could possibly have imagined.  Oscar is such a little star and just gets on with it.  A truly amazing, inspirational little boy!

Spaghetti hoops for breakfast

Blood transfusion on Tuesday before MIBG can go ahead

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  1. Hi Knoxy & Oscar. Glad to hear that things are going well for Oscar but it must be very difficult for you and your wife to watch and not be able to hold him.

    You dont happen to have Critical Illness Cover do you?. I worked in insurance for over 40yrs and some of these policies have Childrens Critical Illness Cover on them which wd help with all the expence you are having to cope with.

    Good to know Oscar is getting home next week so get the bunting and the brass band booked!!

    Prayers and thots with you. Ps Tell Oscar mrs j luvs his baseball hats. lol YNWA