Thursday, 17 May 2012

So Oscar had his radioactive infusion last Wednesday and his radiation levels have fallen dramatically since.  To give you an idea, he must be under 30 to be around children & pregnant women, and under 150 to be around adults.  After his infusion he was around 6000!  In the first few days we had to be in and out of the room as quick as we could, but now that he is around 100 we can slack off a bit and we can spend a lot more time with him.  His aunty Davina (Nina) flew over for a couple of days this week and helped Oscar do a lot of paintings etc for his notice board, he was so happy with all his work!!!!

Things were going pretty well until the last few days when Oscar has been felling unwell.  He hasnt been eating, has been sick a few times and has shocking diarrhoea.  We had been running overnight feeds into his NG nose tube but we think the milk is actually agitating his stomach so we've stopped the feeds and are trying to convince the Doctors over here to put him on TPN (IV nutrition, straight into the veins).  If we were home in Belfast he'd be on it already!  Could be a row tomorrow...  He is on antibiotics as a precaution incase something is working on him.
Thankfully he has had a nibble at a couple of Happy Meals from McDonalds today (yes, 2 happy meals!!!) so hopefully he is starting to come round.

He got out for some big walks around Regents Park this week once his levels dropped below 800.  At this level he is allowed out for an hour, but we must keep him away from people as much as possible.  He had a great time feeding the ducks, pigeons & squirrels, and eating ice cream.

Away from the hospital, Izzie has been having a great time in London.  Hamleys is her new favourite shop where mummy has taken her a couple of times.  She just runs around screaming and shouting 'YAYYYYY' at all the toys.  Her other favourite place to go is to the pub with Daddy!  She gets lots of attention from the barmaids and gets a big glass of orange juice to drink while she's there.

In the pub watching the Celts on Sunday!

Guzzling a glass of juice.  And i mean guzzling!!!

The view in through the lead lined door to Oscar's room.

Oscar opening a special card he received in the post!! (You know who you are)

Eating a happy meal.  Dont like hospital food!!!

Paul's House, the Clic Sargent 'Home from Home' that we're staying in free of charge while we're here, really is a fantastic place.  It is only 2 minutes from the hospital and is very modern and clean, and we are very comfortable in it.  A big shout out to Celtic FC who this week donated £50,000 to Paul's House (see  Daddy is gutted he missed the presentation as Celtic Manager Neil Lennon turned up along with Barry McGuigan, Eddie Jordan and Sharleen Spiteri.  I think we were off feeding ducks or something at the time :-/

Also, Oscar had some scans late last week which we're waiting to hear the results of tomorrow.  They will basically show the uptake of the radioactive MIBG in Oscar's body i.e. where the Neuroblastoma is.  We hope there are no nasty surprises.

Fingers crossed...


  1. Everything crossed for you all.

  2. I've been following your story from America. Oscar is such an inspiration. We could all learn something from these young children that fight these awful diseases so courageously.

  3. Go Oscar go ......been following your story since I had the pleasue of meeting you at your dads work. You are truley amazing, awaiting the next update, love to you all, keep strong. you are in our thoughts and prayers xxxxx