Monday, 7 May 2012

Team Oscar in London!

Well, the day we (mostly I) have been planning for and stressing about is finally here, we're in London for Oscar's new treatment regime!  We made it safely here via Heathrow and Paddington Station, and checked into our hotel with 2 toddlers, double buggy, 1 large case and 2 hand luggage bags.  Quite a feat in itself!  Izzie did well with her first flight, quite a lot of wriggling, shouting "AHHOW!!" and covering her ears as we lost altitude, but not as chaotic as I expected it to be.  And there were other noisier kids on board, so it made us look good!  As some of you may have seen on Twitter, we had a great flight due to our amazing pilot... Poor Oscar actually gets distressed, he can't decide now whether he wants to be an ambulance man, chef, or pilot.  He is near to tears when he thinks about it all!  I've promised him he can be all 3, he is gonna have one busy life once we get all this over!

We didn't venture far this evening, went to the beautiful Italian restaurant nearby, where Oscar met the chef again and sat at the window to watch ambulances and fire engines pass as he ate.  "London is VERY noisy" - we heard that quite a lot, he was tired when we left and he hid his head under his blanket to block it all out!  When we got back to the room they watched In The Night Garden by themselves (the joy of interconnecting rooms!), then chased each other in and out, laughing and pushing and fighting - they had a great time.  Took a while to get them settled down to sleep, but all quiet after 9pm.  Early start in morn, to get ourselves and all the rest of that stuff I listed, back over to the hospital and our home from home room for the next 4 weeks, by 10am...

I need to say an absolutely massive thank you to our fantastic fundraisers.  I will give them all a proper mention with photographs included at a later date, but for now I just want to report their success.  Latest count from The Oscars in Liverpool is £800 for the MRI scanner appeal, and a really great night had by all the students there.  I couldn't resist tweeting Stormont about it being a shame that students in Liverpool are trying to help us fund our scanner, but no response...  Thanks again to everyone who donated and attended, this money will help make a real difference for our sick kids here in Belfast!  Our poor marathon runners got drenched today, but they ran with determination and courage inspired by wee Oscar.  Waiting for official times to be released tomorrow, but some impressive claims are being made today!  Money still being gathered by all those guys and girls, but it looks like NICFC will do well from all our supporters in Team Oscar!  Absolutely brilliant effort everyone, and very much appreciated by myself and Stephen.

PS attempting to write this post from my new blog app, but I know the layout etc will bug me and I'll have to fix it when I get on my laptop in a few days.. Fingers crossed this works!

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